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What the TS401 can and can not do with MX sensors?

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    2016-10-17 19:09:08
       Hey support , can you please clarify this ? Scan MX sensor option .Can TS401  just read  the existing information  of a MX sensor on or off the car , or does it also have the stand alone capability to write an ID to a blank MX sensor? If it can only read an MX sensor, what is difference about an MX sensor than an OE sensor of the same MHZ range, that it would not be able to be read properly with a TS401 of an older  update level like 2.68 without the newer update "Scan MX sensor" option (or even other  brands of tpms tools to be able to read MX sensors)? Wouldn't it be illegal to install aftermarket replacement TPMS sensors that can only can be read properly by a single brand of TPMS tool? If this is not the case, then why would a "read only" TS401 need to be updated to 3.01 that adds a special function  to be able to scan a MX sensor ?Why would anyone in their right mind install an  aftermarket TPMS sensor that you couldn't retrieve the tire sensor information properly unless a techs  used an Autel TPMS tool with Scan MX sensor option?

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    2016-10-18 11:10:22 (Reply to:witsend)

    It is clear that you an only READ with the TS401 and NOT program.
    That is the job of the TMPS Pad with Software or MS906TS.

    About the read option the support has to give details as I do not have mx sensors at hand.
    (Asssuming it can read them before they get programmed, and may be some extra data once they are customized for the car)

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    2016-10-24 15:15:48 (Reply to:fware)
     Support replied and said that programmed MX sensors can be read properly by other brands of TPMS tools (like the original TPMS sensors), but what confuses me , is that if the TS 401 is a read only tool and cannot program MX sensors, (and they can be read by regular TPMS tools), then why did Autel find a need to have to update 2.68 to the latest version software that adds a Scan MX sensor option if these sensors can be read properly by most aftermarket TPMS tools? What additional information would I retrieve with Scan MX Sensor option, than  if I continued to use 2.68 version and came across programmed MX sensors on a vehicle?

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    2016-10-24 23:31:41 (Reply to:witsend)


     Not 100% sure but I thinks all blank programmable sensor are MX sensors

    But you can only program sensors branded to the tool ie:ts501 with autel sensor-wurth sensor with wurth tool

    snap-on does not sell sensors but can program a few name brand , ie: scherader- uni-sensor ,ect. but not all ie: autel ,wurth ,but never tried

    ITM and WURTH tools look identical in form ,menu , version firmware  everything but can only program their own sensors

    the tool actually tells you its not my sensor so it wont program and the only thing holding it back is the brand name

    ts401 can only trigger and read


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    2016-10-25 03:19:35 (Reply to:Jim)
     I don't need the latest greatest new car coverage on my scan tools or TPMS tools, just have the most stable  software with the most useful working functions for things older than 2 or 3 years old that  I am most likely to see in my shop. I read on forum that versions 3.0 and 3.01 seem to have some issues displaying the tire pressures, but these new versions have added the TS401 function  "Scan MX sensors."which if they are on the car already programmed , Why can't a TS 401 with a older software version scan a MX sensor if other brand of TPMS  tool  are able to read MX sensor without any special added function on the menu to be able to do so? Can support weigh in  and answer what benefit  the Scan MX sensor option in the later 3.0 and 3.01version TS 401 software  gives reading MX sensors over what an older 2.68 version TS401 or another brand TPMS tool reading already programmed  MX sensors on a vehicle? Thanks in advance

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    2016-10-29 04:27:31 (Reply to:witsend)

     In Canada I am doing 2016 vehicles in prep for winter

    some factory sensors witch only need to be triggered for relearn like ford

    but sometimes its nice to clone sensor summer to winter tires like Chrysler as example

    I have ver 3 and after triggering  all sensors if you hit N button you go to screen that tells all

    info for sensors on two rotating screens where as if individual sensor screens seem to be

    missing bat and temp

    In a different note I just did a 2016 fusion today and mechanical tire guage read 35 psi

    but when read with the 401 and the snap-on tpms3 both read 27 psi go figure

    after relearn the car never set tpms light on for low tire pressure

    I have not seen this MX sensor in the main menu as I looked today quickly

    as you said what is its purpose

    Ford for some reason for past couple years have made all 315mhz sensors proprietary to the vehicle 

    just because the oe ford sensor says 315mhz does not mean the car will see it on relearn

    and after market  senors are hit and miss on ford ,other makes not so anal and more forgiving

    I think I will move up  to version 3.01 and see and if not just go back to previous version if possible

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    2016-10-29 06:14:54 (Reply to:Jim)
    Thanks Jim,  I figure initially , even if a Ford vehicle  has the ability to learn the new positions of registered TPMS sensors following prompted sequence, However any new MX sensor ID that is not a clone ID of an existing bad  replaced one, the new ID # of the new TPMS sensor  probably won't be recognized unless you manually access the module responsible for TPMS function with a capable scan tool and manually edit the ID of the replaced sensor to the ID of the  new TPMS sensor ID.
      Still waiting for support to weigh in and tell us what benefit the Scan MX sensor option gives read only TS 401 users over what info it was able to retrieve  left at update level 2.68 from regular OE TPMS sensors.

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    Uncle Ang

    2016-12-29 21:48:10 (Reply to:Jim)

     Keep in mind that it will only show low tire pressure when 25% below recommended PSI on the vehicle's tire info sticker (33 PSI for a Fusion?) and if it is 33 PSI it won't show as low pressure unless a TPMS is broadcasting below 25 PSI.  BTW I've seen many cases where the sensors read low vs. my tire gauge.  I've heard that Schrader is supplying some Fords (2015 & up F-150 and Mustangs) with a new sensor that has an auto locate feature so that the sensors don't have to be relearned after tire rotation. As with previous Ford sensors they are 315 Mhz but as far as I know are only available from Ford without any aftermarket availability.

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    2017-02-25 14:52:04 (Reply to:fware)

     I watched a YouTube video where the guy says you can program mx sensors with the ts401 and even shows on screen how to. Did they take this away or add it after? I'd like to know because it will most likely decide my purchase of an autel or not. Thanks

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    Over Worked Tech

    2017-04-14 20:28:26 (Reply to:Hockey2826)

          I believe programing was added in the 3.12 and later updates. Yes the TS401 added programing ability. Whether it is removed in the future is anyone's guess as Autel has been known to remove features to the dismay of its users, but as of update 3.13 its still there.

    The TS401 can read blank MX Sensors using the scan MX Sensor function. This is handy as you can see the hardware/software version, battery info and other stuff off the blank sensor, and just make sure it works. Pretty tough to read/trigger the sensor otherwise if it hasn't been programed to a vehicle.

    To program a MX Sensor, use the TS401 like normal:
                    Enter vehicle information
                    Scan the sensors

       At the screen showing sensor information, highlight the sensor you want to replace.
       Press and hold down the Y button.

    A menu will open showing three options:

      Copy by Activation        :This will program the MX Sensor with the sensor ID from the original sensor that we just read and high lighted
       Auto Create                   :This will generate a random ID that will work for the vehicle.

      Manual Create                :This will let you put in the ID in by hand.

    Just follow the instructions on screen after the method you choose and you will program a blank MX Sensor to work on that vehicle.

    Copy by activation is good if the sensor is broke but still triggers, like a broken non-replaceable stem. It allows the TS401 to read the original ID and writes it to the replacement MX Sensor effectively cloning it. The vehicle will never know it was changed no "relearn" needed.

    Auto Create just generates a valid ID for the vehicle your working on, so if you have a junk sensor and just need a replacement you can use this to make your blank MX Sensor a functional replacement. After programing, the MX Sensor is just like one you would buy that was made for the car. After installation you would need to "relearn" it to the vehicle the same way you would as if you just got a new sensor from the dealer.

    Manual Create lets you enter the ID by hand. This is handy if you can pull out the original broken sensor and visually see the ID on it. You can enter the ID with the arrows on the keypad, and once again the sensor would be a clone and not need "relearning". Also with a proper scan tool can can read the IDs that the computer has learned and then you can use the ID for the sensor you want to replace and again, clone the sensor no "relearn" needed.

    Edited to add: After the MX Sensor is programed, it can be read by any other tool out there, it is just another normal sensor at that point.
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