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TPMS sensors have 10 digits / Scanner only wants 8

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    2017-06-20 18:16:38
      Trying to get TPMS working on 07 Hyundai Sonata. Triggered all sensors. Trying write ID's in vehicle with MaxiSys. My sensors have 10 digits. Maxisys asking for only 8 digits.  Use last 8 digits maybe?

    And I noticed existing Id's, per scanner are a different format, like A06B4e73, and actual sensor ID is 2691294706. Is there some translation to this? hexadecimal?

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    2017-06-21 12:28:20 (Reply to:acwf)
     Figure out Maxisys has to have decimal ID's converted to hexadecimal , which are 8 digits. At least this is the case for Hyundai's. Talked to Autel tech support over the phone. They didn't even know this. You can change settings on TS401 to read sensor ID's as hex.

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    2017-06-24 23:49:56 (Reply to:acwf)

      I think Support needs a Harry Potter to point a magic wand at them and Chant something like Hoolius Supportae and put a magic hex on them all so support comes back to life and answers questions on this forum :-)

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    2018-02-22 20:14:19 (Reply to:acwf)

     Good info thanks for sharing it
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